Zindabad is a visionary brand, committed to reimagining and reimaging Pakistan by publishing only positive stories.  Culture, lifestyle, sports, technology, current affairs, travel and anything else but all with a positive message. Working for world peace through sharing content – what could be easier? ?

Zindabad is a first of it’s kind online interactive multi-platform media house for the people of Pakistan.

Unlike a traditional media house which produces and provides all the content, Zindabad empowers its users to publish and share their own content with the Zindabad community and the rest of the world. Users join the Zindabad community where they can connect with their friends, their fans, their foes or their idols through Zindabad’s unique information exchange platform. There are no limits to the content that can be posted: articles, pictures, videos, blogs, podcasts, you name it, we are waiting for it!

Launched in August 2019, functionality will be added as we are developing multiple applications, the current site is a beta release, we just couldn’t wait to get it out there for the Zindabad community.  

team Zindabad